The weather forecast in La Jolla: Sunshine, all year long. Like the rest of San Diego, La Jolla benefits from a mild, Mediterranean climate that is sunny and temperate throughout the year. The average high temperature stays between the mid-60s and mid-70s, with August and September being the warmest months. The lows range from the mid 60s down to the 50s, with the coldest monthly averages occurring in December.

Surprisingly, given its proximity to the beach, La Jolla has almost no humidity. Rainstorms are rare, and the summer months produce hardly any rain at all. The greatest likelihood of feeling raindrops occurs between November and March (peaking in February), with average yearly rainfall totaling less than10 inches.

Like most coastal towns in Southern California, the morning fog can be thick, particularly in the months of May and June, but almost always burns off early enough to enjoy the day. Ocean temperature ranges from mid 50s in the winter to approximately 68 degrees in the summer.

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